School History

S. Thomas' Preparatory School was founded by Mr. William Thomas Keble on Tuesday May 17, 1938 at 8:45 a.m. at "Fortrose", 98, Steuart Place, Kollupitiya. more than eighty years ago the birth of 'Prep' took place when 10 helpers from S. Thomas' College arriving to scrub out an empty Fortrose bungalow; and to order ninety-eight desks and chairs, eighteen beds and mattresses and the same number of cups, plates, knives, forks, spoons glasses and bowls; two long teak wood tables and four long benches; pots and pans: office equipment and cupboards: cricket bats and footballs: and all the paraphernalia of a school.

The School is an Anglican (Church of Ceylon) educational institution and was founded during the episcopate of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Mark Carpenter-Gamier M A. (Oxon) D. D. who was the 6th Bishop of the Diocese of Colombo. The School owes much to him for his vision, wisdom and generosity in having rendered every assistance possible to Mr. W. T. Keble's venture to found it.

This institution which commenced in 1938 with a mere 95 boys on roll and a staff of 7 teachers, including the Headmaster the late Mr. Keble, has the enviable honour of being the first Preparatory School modelled on English Public School lines in Sri Lanka. This marked a truly pioneering venture in the history of education in the island, as Mr. Keble sought to remedy a conceptual void in the educational system by placing a new emphasis on the requirements and aspirations of the child of tender years between the ages of 5-11. The conceptual rationale underpinning Mr. Keble's vision for the establishment of such a school was the provision made for boys in their formative years to fully express their creative talents and faculties unfettered, unhampered and uncircumscribed by older and more mature students in their midst.

Our Founder
W. T. Keble
May 1938 ~ 1942

First Headmaster
N. G. Abeynaike
May 1943 ~ 1950

Second Headmaster
J. T. R. Perinpanayagam
June 1951 ~ August 1966

Third Headmaster
J. S. L. Fernando
September 1966 ~ 1994

Fourth Headmaster
N. Y. Casie Chetty
January 1995 ~ December 2014